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Storm Damage Las Vegas

10/4/2018 (Permalink)

Las Vegas isn’t known for huge storms like found on the east coast but when it’s tsunami season flash floods can pop up in minutes. SERVPRO has over 50 years of knowledge and experience to handle any type of loss so when it comes to water damage caused by a storm SERVPRO of Spring Valley will be ready. SERVPRO of Spring Valley has certified and background checked technicians who are all trained and specialize in all type of water damage cleanup. Our technicians know what happens on the east coast, which in turn help us to understand when a flood hits your Las Vegas home or commercial building. SERVPRO of Spring Valley also has the amount and most importantly the correct type of equipment to handle any sized building so if you have a water damage caused by storm you can trust SERVPRO of Spring Valley.

Water Damage Cleanup

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Spring Valley has been in the area for over 16 years and SERVPRO has been in the water cleanup industry for more than 50 years. SERVPRO of Spring Valley treats every home differently. We mean differently because not every homeowner is identical. SERVPRO strives to make each customer realize they are as important as the next. In this situation a homeowner came back to the property in inches of water. SERVPRO of Spring Valley was called out to clean up the area. The customer was very adamant about keeping the area(s) clean at all times. With that said the Crew Chief made sure that immediately after each area was cut a detailed cleaning took place. The homeowner was happy that SERVPRO of Spring Valley listened to the concern. In this photo is a SERVPRO technician cleaning the kitchen area immediately after demo.

Correct Mold Remediation, Las Vegas

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Correct Mold Remediation, Las Vegas Water was undetected in this abandoned unit for months.

SERVPRO of Spring Valley has been in the Las Vegas area for over 15 years and has SERVPRO knowledge and training for over 50 years! SERVPRO of Spring Valley is franchised owned which gives it a big name with a “family” type of environment. Family is important to SERVPRO of Spring Valley, SERVPRO not only treats its employees like family but we also treat our customers like family too. With that being said SERVPRO will strive to treat any property as if it were its own. SERVPRO of Spring Valley will not cut corners nor will we do what doesn’t need to be done. SERVPRO of Spring Valley has a standard it follows and guidelines that must be met so your home is back the way it was. Put it this way, would you like your doctor to try and cut corners fixing your broken arm? SERVPRO knows the answer and just like you expect your doctor will fix your arm, you can count on SERVPRO of Spring Valley to fix your home.

Fire Damage, Las Vegas

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage, Las Vegas This Drywall shows where photos were once placed by the homeowner

There are many ways a fire can start, and once it starts it burns and engulfs in seconds. SERVPRO of Spring Valley has almost seen it all but most importantly SERVPRO has over 50 years of Fire Damage Cleanup experience. SERVPRO is always looking for ways to improve Fire Cleanup and getting your home back to the way it was before. In this scenario SERVPRO of Spring Valley was called to asses the areas, clean the salvageable items and prepare the property for build back. SERVPRO of Spring Valley treats every home as if they were there own and every employee hired is properly trained and skilled to handle a home damaged by fire. The outcome of this situation was very positive, the homeowner was happy with how SERVPRO handled the property and the home was back to normal as if nothing happened.

Fire Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas The outcome of a thermostat affect by fire damage

SERVPRO of Spring Valley has over 15 years here in Las Vegas and SERVPRO has over 50 years of experience in the Fire Damage Cleanup industry. The one thing that is most important during a fire damage is to make sure you are safe and far from the property. Fire Damage can be very dangerous and calling the fire department and removing yourself from the area is the most important thing a homeowner can do. A home can be rebuilt but a life cannot. In this situation a homeowner did the right thing and after the investigation and fire department was off site SERVPRO of Spring Valley was called to prepare the area for build back. SERVPRO’s constant updating to the homeowner and detailed inventory and proper cleaning eased the stress of the homeowner and lightened the experience. The property was soon built back and the homeowner was grateful for using SERVPRO.

Water Damaged Floors, Las Vegas

4/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damaged Floors, Las Vegas Damaged laminated flooring, residential housing.

Here at SERVPRO of Spring Valley we encounter numerous types of water damage and we hear some very heart wrenching stories. In most cases it seems like a house has just been bought or just remodeled. Newly laid floor and painted walls seems to be the most common. Laminate/Vinyl flooring, when flooded automatically come out but real wood and tile can usually be saved if handled in a timely manner. In this photo is shown damaged laminated flooring which was shortly removed after this photo was taken. The laminate flooring cannot be brought to its original shape and is a barrier for moisture. SERVPRO of Spring Valley technicians know this because SERVPRO has been in the water cleanup industry for over 50 years. Remember it’s very important to know what to do and who to call if you ever have a water loss.

How to handle rain damages in your residential or commercial building

2/25/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Spring Valley knows that storms hit Las Vegas and the most random times.  We also know that in some areas it seems like it can drop buckets and buckets of water.  The beginning of 2018 a rain storm hit the all of the Las Vegas area for a whole day in a half straight.  If you are not a native from Las Vegas this is not very typical.  When it rains for a straight day or when it drops bucks of water on your residential/commercial building breaks and cracks in the roof will come out and the damages will show inside the dwelling.  It is important when this happens to call a SERVPRO of Spring Valley estimator.  An estimator can come out for free to evaluate the damages inside the property and can help the client understand what needs to happen to insure the property is safe and fixed properly helping the owner fell secure.

Using an Emergency Ready Plan for your residential or commercial Loss

2/25/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has been in the Water, Fire, Mold Cleanup industry for over 50 years.   SERVPRO has been always trying to figure out more and more ways to improve the outcome of a loss.  SERVPRO of one of the few cleanup providers that constantly search for ways to save the customer money during a loss while still providing the safest and still most efficient way of cleaning up a property.  SERVPRO of Spring Valley will NOT cut corners to save the customer money.  This means that customers can feel safe when they call a SERVPRO estimator out to check the damages.  SERVPRO has created the Emergency Ready Profile which provides the consumer with information in regards to a Water, Fire or Mold loss in your dwelling or commercial building.  Contact SERVPRO of Spring Valley and get your FREE ERP today.

Mold inspection cuts, Las Vegas

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has be in the Mold Remediation industry for over 50 years and SERVPRO of Spring Valley has been remediating here in the Las Vegas valley for over 15 years! SERVPRO of Spring Valley has trained and certified technicians, crew chiefs, estimators and production managers ready to protect your dwelling from the dangers of microbial activity (mold).  On the initial call an estimator can come out for free to check for any visible signs.  If there are no visible signs of mold (such as heavy staining or actual activity) then the estimator will advise to call an environmentalist to do some air samplings.  If mold is found in an area a SERVPRO of Spring Valley technician will schedule to go out and make inspection cuts according to the finding and mark areas and remediate if necessary.  SERVPRO of Spring Valley will remediate the mold, SERVPRO will inspect the areas before we go crazy and start removing everything.  This will help keep costs down and keep the homeowner happy. Lastly a post testing will be done and results given to the homeowner to verify remediation was done properly.  

How you can save money on your commercial building during a fire/water/mold loss

2/18/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Spring Valley has been in the commercial water/fire/mold cleanup industry for over 50 years and has been serving the Las Vegas territory for over 15 years.  SERVPRO of Spring Valleys technicians, estimators, staff and marketers must be trained and certified through SERVPRO’s approved courses in all three categories.  Yearly updating and trainings are required because SERVPRO is always trying to find ways to improve and speed up the process of dry-out which helps the commercial owner save money with still getting the best service provided.  SERVPRO is also always searching and testing the latest equipment on the market.  Being efficient during a loss and getting a commercial building back up and ready is very important.  Every day lost for a commercial building is money out of the renter’s pockets and building owners pockets.  Contacting a SERVPRO of Spring Valley estimator is always best during any kind of loss.