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Commercial Apartments water cleanup, Las Vegas

Living in a commercial apartment building is what most people do before they decide on buying house. People usually like to buy a single-family home NOT ATTACHE... READ MORE

Mold Remediation, Condo Las Vegas

Mold can be hidden and, in most cases, it’s almost as if we are only looking at the “tip of the iceberg”. SERVPRO of Spring Valley has been in... READ MORE

Mold Remediation, Las Vegas

SERVPRO has been in the mold remediation industry for over 50 years and SERVPRO of Spring Valley has been serving the Vegas area for over 15 years. SERVPRO... READ MORE

Rain damage, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in a very dry State which is great that we don’t have tornadoes or hurricanes but when it rains it pours and when it pours the water ... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas

Water damage can happen at any given moment. In most cases water damage happens in the middle of the night or when you’re on vacation or when you’re... READ MORE

Commercial Smoke Damage cleanup

Smoke damage is very common in the industry. Employees cook food and walk away or microwave something that shouldn’t be microwaved which both can cause a ... READ MORE

Fire Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas

Fire loss can be very stressful for any homeowner. Who do you call? Who can you trust? When a fire loss happens there can be multiple people involved. SERVPRO h... READ MORE

Rain storm cleanup, Las Vegas

SERVPRO has been in the storm cleanup business for over 50 years and SERVPRO of Spring Valley has been here in Las Vegas for over 15 years! SERVPRO of Spring Va... READ MORE

Storm Damage Las Vegas

Rain storms can cause houses to show there faults.  Water travels from the top until it finds its way to the bottom.  Because of this sometimes homeow... READ MORE

Rain damage, Las Vegas

Storms can cause a large amount of damage a small amount of damage or no damage.  We all like when it's no damage!  But in those cases where you have ... READ MORE