What our Customers say...


I had water damage in my garage from my water heater.  I called SERVPRO to come and look at everything, I was VERY impressed with the technology they had, they even showed my how the infrared worked and gave me a step by step on what would happen.  They guys came out and did there thing and in three days I was dry and they didn't even have to do much demo which saved me a lot since it was a self pay

We had a lot of wind a few weeks ago and it made a lot of damage to our roof.  We called a roofer but they were not free for about 2 weeks. A week later we had buckets of rain which caused multiple areas within our home to get wet.  We were referred to SERVPRO of Spring Valley and they came out and did everything they told us they would do.  They are very professional and very good communicators which is very hard to find these days

I had a small fire damage and wasn't sure what to do so I looked up on the internet and found good reviews for SERVPRO of Spring Valley and so I called them up. The estimator came out and told me exactly what would happen, he was very accurate and the job was completed as he said and the smoke damage was gone. Definitely recommend these guys 

I had water damage from backed up sewage drain because of the rain storm in Vegas and water was in 6-7 areas. SERVPRO came out and extract all the water from carpet and other areas. The cut what needed to be cut because of the type of water and made sure there was no mold growth.  Thanks SERVPRO

This was our second time using the same SERVPRO come help fix another water leak, they were very fast and make everything quick and easy. I would definitely use them again, hopefully not, but if I had another loss I know who I will call

I had a water heater "burst" and my insurance recommended calling SERVPRO, I'm glad I did because they were very nice and did exactly what they said would happen. All and all it was a great experience and hopefully I don't have this happen again but if I do I know who I would call    

My insurance agent referred me to SERVPRO and within a half hour I had a manager/estimator at my door letting me know how much damage my property had. I decided to get a claim number and get it started.  The estimator was right on everything and my place was ready for the contractor on day 3 when he predicted 4 days.

My wife and I live in California and were looking at by a home that had previously been owned by a heavy smoker.  I called SERVPRO and the project manager was able to let me know exactly what I needed to do to try and get the smoke smell out.  I wasn't aware of the process but was very impressed with the knowledge he had.  He even met me on site to go over everything. I didn't end up buying the house but I truly want to thank him for helping me out and helping me understand.

The crew chief and estimator were able to organize and help me with my loss.  When I was trying to contact multiple parties and I could always count on SERVPRO to answer right away or call me back within 5 min. Much appreciated and I will definitely call them again

My insurance agent recommended SERVPRO of Spring Valley so I called them.  All they needed was the claim number and the whole process was smooth and simple. Also when I called someone either picked up or called me back within 10 min.

My water heater had a leak causing damage to my lower neighbors unit. The guy came out and gave me an ballpark estimate and they were able to start the job right away. It was fast and easy and just as the estimator predicted.

SERVPRO actually didn't do any work on my home. I was referred by my insurance agent and the manager came out with his tools and he was able to help me find the cause of the water loss and refer me to the right person to get the job done. 

Rains came down for three days and SERVPRO came out and was able to fix a small 3X3 area.  That made the process real fast and easy and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks!!!

It rained here in Vegas for three days and SERVPRO came  out and cleaned up my water and demoed what needed to be done to help get my property back to new.  I was especially thankful to the project manager who helped me get through my first big loss. Very timely and very helpful!!! I will refer them any day 

We had a bathtub overflow in our hotel that leaked to the first floor.   SERVPRO of Spring Valley came out immediately and cleaned it up and prevented further damage.  Did everything they said they would.   Thank you!

My water heater leaked into the kitchen area.  SERVPRO helped me to turn off water and came out right away.  Very professional and got the job done. 

I had a pipe burst and SERVPRO Spring Valley came in and did a wonderful job.  I was concerned about permanent damage but it all turned out great.  Thanks SERVPRO!

SERVPRO did a great job removing smoke odor from the home we purchased.  Very professional and did what they said they would do.