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Rain storm cleanup, Las Vegas

SERVPRO has been in the storm cleanup business for over 50 years and SERVPRO of Spring Valley has been here in Las Vegas for over 15 years! SERVPRO of Spring Va... READ MORE

Storm Damage Las Vegas

Rain storms can cause houses to show there faults.  Water travels from the top until it finds its way to the bottom.  Because of this sometimes homeow... READ MORE

Rain damage, Las Vegas

Storms can cause a large amount of damage a small amount of damage or no damage.  We all like when it's no damage!  But in those cases where you have ... READ MORE

Fire Damage cleanup, Las Vegas area

Fire damage can be a tragedy for any homeowner.  If a fire isn't recognized in an amount of time it can get out of control and the home in most cases will ... READ MORE

Storm damage cleanup, Las Vegas

Not every home is built perfect.  Especially in Las Vegas and when it storms houses will show there fault.  When your Las Vegas or Las Vegas area home... READ MORE

Commercial flood cleanup, Las Vegas

When a commercial loss happens it's important to call a professional to handle the situation.  SERVPRO has been around for over 50 years and SERVPRO of Spr... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage, Las Vegas

Commercial water damage can leave a business without customers for a period of time.  It's very important to know who to call so money isn't being lost.&nb... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas

Water damage can be very devastating and can cause massive amounts of damage to a home.  A lot of family's are on Holiday break and don't think to turn off... READ MORE

Storm Damage Cleanup, Las Vegas

Storms do happen in Vegas and lately "when it rains, it pours".  If water damage isn't cleaned up properly the first time the property has a higher chance... READ MORE

Home water damage, Las Vegas

Water losses can happen at the least expected time.  In this situation the homeowner and his/her family went on vacation and came back to a house full of w... READ MORE